I Don't Want To Cut Open My Vagina!

My best friend and I recently started talking about shaving our vaginas. I mean we had already been doing it for years. But we recently started talking about it, I told her about how you gotta keep in shaved because there is NOTHING worse than going down there and having it be prickly (I'm basically lesbian and have been down there) it's like shoving your face in a blackberry bush! Her reply:

"I TRY shaving down there. But it's hard as a ****! I don't want to cut open my vagina!"

I'll agree that is the hardest part of shaving, cutting yourself down there would hurt like a b*tch no doubt. Yesterday when I shaved, I was in the shower for over an hour, most of which was spent trying to shave. It's ALOT of work keeping it all perfect down there! So I want all of the guys and lesbians/bisexual girls who never shave to know, APPRECIATE your girlfriend for shaving her p*ssy! You have NO IDEA how annoying and difficult it is. Not to mention it's the most AWKWARD part of female maintenance, no one ever says:

"Oh sorry, I can't hang out this weekend, I've got to shave my vagina."
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why do you say black guys are actually better?

And it is totally appreciated .. Also more fun when you help each other out with the maintenance :)

I do shave my stick

Always appreciate the effort ;)

Very entertaining

XD well thank you.

I do know how hard it is I shave my balls and I have shaved my girls ***** a few times we shave each other maybe give it a try it can feel sexy.

Uncomfortable (and itchy)...

True that!

Hand to feel attractive when you are itchy! Just sayin'.

I got you. I wish it wasn't like that!

The joys of being a woman, right?

If only joy was the right word :P

Well, I actually got to choose, so it is for me. Not the shaving part-that's a pain.

Balla! :D

Good with the bad, right?


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Im here if u ever need help
I like to help others

so shave each other!

Not that hard to shave your twig and berries, I just hate the red bumps that form above either the vag or ****!!! How do you stop that from happening???

Prayer. There's really no cure for that?

Ignore the question mark XD.

A cold wash cloth and a good lotion helps prevent the bumps.

U think its hard shaving ur ***** u should try shaving a **** and balls

I am volunteering to shave any woman who is to scared to do it herself!!!!

Its a very important to keep that area nice & clean :)

I love to shave girls.. *Down There!!* She has fun. Gets a Smooth Shave. I do the work. Everyone's happy.
Now, go sit on the sink.....and take them *Panties off!!*...:-))

I love shaving vaginas! I should open up a shave shack, didn't know it was such a chore!

XD that just made my day

haha "oh sorry gotta go shave my vsgina catch ya lates!" I really do hate it