Leave That Thing Alone!

I hear so many women complaining about how they "have" to shave. They think that if they don't they will be deemed an unattractive freak. Who is perpetuating this crap? Is society trying to appease some douchey class of 16 y.o. football jocks who think hair on girls is "gross"?

If someone doesn't like you because you have hair on your vagina, that person is not worth one more second of your time. Consider it the perfect test of character. You can weed out a lot of douchebags by lifting your arm and showing a beautiful little pit bush. Let them run. The people who see how beautiful you are will stick around, and they will offer you much more valuable relationships.

I'm a guy who loves girls unshaven... not because I'm some fetish freak who gets off on body hair... but because I love women, and women have hair on their bodies. It's mysterious, and its sexy as hell. Nature knows what it's doing when it comes to attraction. Trust it.

Please don't get me wrong. Experimentation is great, and shaving can be a lot of fun if it's a personal choice. But not if it's out of a fear of rejection, either by one person, or by society as a whole.

I would never expect a girl to shave for me. If anyone ever demanded that I shave for them I'd have three words for them: see you later.

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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

OMG *giggled* ...

I actually googled out loud with the lifting of the armpit part ahaha amazing :D

Googled out loud, eh? Must have had quite the effect on you.

It's so true though... the pit bush is your friend. The right guy will fall in love with you instantly when he sees it.