I Am Such A Fool..

i met her about 2 years ago in a sport group.. when i saw her for the first time swear ppl my jaw dropped until i figured out i wasnt breathing... god took extra time on this one... so beautiful. for weeks i couldnt take my eyes off of her.. i would just be waiting whole week jus for that one day to have meets... well , started talking to her and we became kinda friends. we started spending more time together she woulld come and support me and i would go and support her.. it was beautiful.. we started going out as friends with other friends.. oh yeah was so so happy.. we looked great together.. my friends were supportive.. then found out she had someone in her life... we talked about it.. said we could only be friends... she didnt have  feelimgs for me.. heart touched my toes there,,, hurt as hell... well i became the caretaker... when her hurt her she called me... still supported her in her games.. she kept flirting though... when he wasnt around... but i just couldnt fight it.. feelings was too strong for her. i even left my team to be closer to her.. i cared for her ... i tried everything jus to have some hope.. i keep trying cuz i think i love her... her man is unfaithful to her but she loves him... so i kept getting led on and used... the only time i hear from her is when she is crying... i dont turn my back though... but the pain is getting unbearable to be around her... i told her about it she says she doesnt love me.. but she keeps doin stuff to show otherwise... i dont like games with my heart... think i gotta give her up and the so called friendship... she has me on a rod to throw out and pull in as she pleases... i need strenght...

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

You need strength alright. I have been in the same situation for the past 6 months and I finally gave it up.....what an aweful rollercoaster ride it was! Mine was beautiful too, we still get along like no one else but the benefits part HAD to stop. Much happier now.