i spoke to her and told that i wanted to take a little space.. just to sort some things out... told her that i am coming to terms with her not feeling how i feel about her... that i understood and just hope things work out with her and her man... told her it was hurting a bit but just needed some space...just to let her go a bit emotionally... that i would always care and when i come around i could better do a job of just being a friend... she got angry... and told me NO... you believe this woman..???? I asked dont you care that i am hurting she said NO... and told me if i dont come to our games she wont either... threatening me... .thing is ppl.. it starting to hurt a bit to be around her... what u all think?/

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D... if you still hurt when you see her..or around her... doesn't it tells you something? You arent ready to let go.. and do you want to ? At times... even though others might think we are a fool to carry on a one way relationship... at day does help the heart to heal slowly... and not forcing yourself to STOP the feeling over the nite. Relationship are built over the time... so when it needs time to let go too. Take your time D..... Take care.

i bet shes hurting too and is using anger as a coping mechanism.