There is something wrong with my eyes. I believe there is a big tank behind somewhere with a reservoir of water. Whenever my emotions break out of its barrier, they pour out.
Every movie which touches me draws out water. When I come before the presence of God, my pitcher breaks, and more and more I spill out water. I am told constantly that "men don't cry". Is it then my fault, when my eyes won't hold back but rather flows and cleanse every part of my soul. Do I have a weeping soul? Maybe. I have cried whilst watching countless number of movies. I have cried in all situations. Tears of emotion when I am so overwhelmed. Sometimes I just flow and flow and without my handkerchief, I feel ashamed because I wouldn't want anyone asking, "were you crying?" I don't know how to answer that. Most of the time, I will jut smile and ignore the question. I believe there are others out there with eyes as soft as mine. When I am overwhelmed with emotion, my heart speaks and my eyes respond. Love , pain, the presence of God, music, reading and laughing brings out water from my eyes at the least opportunity and with less effort. As I write now, my eyes are still wet from watching "like fault in our stars." I can't stop the tears. I love the way it makes me feel. Well, if you happen to be like me, then know that somebody from the west coast of Africa feels the same way.
cedicoin cedicoin
31-35, M
Aug 22, 2014