It's Everywhere!

Apparently there is no crevice, corner or cubby safe from the free falling strands that should be on my head.  How can I lose so much hair and still have so much to have to deal with?   It's everywhere!  At home.  In the car.  On shelves in the grocery store where I work I find a long strand of my particular shade of hair.  It's ridiculous.
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3 Responses Aug 3, 2010

if your hair is falling out you may be low on iron. <br />
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do you often feel fatigued, black bags under the eyes?

I can sympathize! It was especially brought to my attention when the hubby pulled one of my Looong hairs outta his undershorts! :O THe sad part is, apparently one of my towels that I dry my hair off with got mixed up with some of his clothes in the laundry, cause that's the only way it coulda happened! LOL

I just got tired of mine, and chopped it all off !!