Sisters Sheer Nylon Panties

My sister had been working all day and whilst i was out engaging in a 10 k jogging exercise regimen she arrived home in my absence and as usual opted to change into something comfortable. On the completion of my run around 7 pm in the dark i walked inside to greet her with a very gentle kiss whilst i was in a muck lather in my tracksuit and asked her how her day was. She is used to this kind of sweaty greeting. We exchanged some chatter about the day we both had at work as i started to undress in preparation for a much needed shower in order to freshen up after the run. I was about to proceed to the bathroom when she alerted me to something nice she had left on the bed for me. I told her i would take a quick look on the way to the bathroom and this is what was laid out on the bed >

She heard me say ''wow how very lovely''. She said ''i thought you might like them''. Indeed i do i replied. She said ''put them on after your shower''. ''You bet'' i retorted. During the shower her sheer nylon panties pre-occupied my mind exclusively and as a consequence i became very aroused. After my shower and drying off i returned to the bedroom. I picked up my sisters sheer panties off the bed and sniffed them inhaling her unmistakable intoxicating feminine scent which had permeated through the flimsy nylon. Her panties smelt luscious. I was sporting a raging hard on at this juncture however, putting on her panties was an irresistible necessity. I slipped the panties on up and over my hugely aroused **** and sensing i was putting her panties on my sister came to the bedroom and this is what she saw >

She had a grin on her face like a carpet snake in a fowl pen. Her panties felt glorious and very sexy. A sheer delight. Her sheer panties weaved their magic on me as is evident in the picture. The transparency of her panties accentuated an enticing allure which she said should not be lost at that moment and took a quick snap shot before i rehydrated myself prepraratory to dinner.

Thought you may find these very lovely sheer panties interesting so i posted two pictures for your viewing appreciation.

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my,, but you are lovely in panties

Thank you top4lilsissys.

love to see your sexy bottom in your panties too,,,,,mmmmmmm

Love the panties. You obviously enjoyed them too by the size of that **** inside them.

Nice panties! I need to get a pair like them!

Thank you PJJA1000.

I love this picture of you.......

Thank you skipper.

Nice panties and they look great on you also.

Thank you easyrider.

lovely story and better shots.

Thankyou englandboy.

Beautifully written Fontana, thank you for sharing. Your sister is amazing and her panties are exquisite, you look very sexy in them. xxx

Many thanks bultanski.

Maybe we could all play together? I would really like that!

Thank you, Fontana. That was so erotic.<br />
Best wishes,<br />

My pleasure Isabella and thank you for your kind comment.

sweet story sugar and you got some sexy panties too xx

Many thanks.

hot u 2 play with each other

Yes we do.