The Demons Are Seeking To Enter

Back in '98 my husband worked at a prison, he began speaking up about breaches in security, and other things, in short, "being a whistle blower". Our kids were in their teens; I was a stay at home Mom, and they were trying to take away his livelihood. I began an impassioned fight with the Administrators, and one whom I coined, "The Devil Walking On Earth". It was long and it was bitter, and my heart became cold. I'd never drank a day in my life until then, at age 46, I did. I had such hateful venom in me but at the same time I was self-destructive. It took precious years away from being able to have a normal happy life. I did things I'd never done before, talked in ways I never had before, felt evil and vengeful.

One night, I was going from our bedroom, out into the hall, (our kids room was right across from ours). I'm trying to paint a picture, btw. I turned right to go to the bathroom, and it felt like a small child, at first I thought, and then more like a monkey, but it was an evil-feeling presence.  I began praying, in the name of Jesus, to cover me with His blood, and rebuked the powers of Satan.  I felt the evil thing slither down my back.

Later, I was telling a friend from church about it, and she asked me if I commanded it to go back where it came from. I had not, so I don't know if I omitted to do something I should have or if what I did was enough.

The situation was resolved eventually even though my husband lost his job and my Dad died during all of this. But I know evil forces were trying to destroy us, and I was allowing it.

Note: I'm not sure if what I've posted is politically correct, and I apologize to those who do not believe as I do.

Later on I'm going to post in detail about my own nightmare of an experience in the work world, and the pain I'm still going through because of it, but I just thought I'd add that one night I dreamed these little demons were all over me, and I was crying out in my sleep. My husband heard me saying something about it, calling out at the demons, and he began to pray for me.

Once again, I apologize for any offense this has caused and will confess that I'm teetering between good and evil because of the wrongs that were done to me by people at my place of employment, and by whoever were the backstabbers, when all I ever tried to do was a good job and be kind to everyone.  Guess I'm just thick skinned, because it's now over 7 months later, and I'm still hurting, still bewildered, and still wondering WHY.


nightangel53 nightangel53
Feb 8, 2010