The Perfect Women

SHEMALES, where do I start? They are every mans dreams or at least mine. Nothing is more sexier and erotic than a woman with a delicious ****. I find myself to only want shemales and do not want to **** ***** anymore, who wants to when you can have a shemale. So much more sexier and exciting. There are so many beautiful shemales, Vicki Richter, Sexxxy Jade, Mimi Plastique, Jelissa Jaconi and I can carry on but where do you end? My favourite shemale is Vicki Richter, she is just stunningly beautiful and super sexy. What more can I say. SHEMALES ARE THE BEST AND THE SEXIEST.

iamshemale iamshemale
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You are so right. When I see a pic of a beautiful woman- I always pray she has a ****-otherwise she is just a woman-boring. The prettiest, best French kisser of my life, 8 inch thick **** that ****** me like I never thought possible has now gone all the way and now is one of the two top rated post-op escorts. When I am with a shemale I let them be dominant and I get to enjoy whatever they want of give. Damn I love shemales.

You are so right! Shemales are the perfect human. I am obsessed with shemales and am proud of it.

Time to pick up this thread again, huh? ;-)

I would like to chat to nice, loving shemales. Just to know how they see the world. They're so different in many ways.... i.e. they'll never start a war!!! xxxW

Iamsheale: Why don't you answer your mail?

I love shemales. They have it all. Good for making love,sucking, peeing and interesting golden showers. Iamshemale: Do you live in the new England area? I live in Ma. Talk to me.

*sigh* I just love that there are so many different kinks and so many different people into 'em. It's one of the very best things about this big ol' world, don't ya think?

Want to SOOOOOO bad. I am fascinated by a hot chick with a hard c0ck bigger than mine. All the p0rn I watch lately is t-girls ******* guys *****. Oh this makes me horny!!!

I would love to have a shemale experience. It sounds sooo hot.

I just dream of going to bed with a shemale by be one day