Just Learned How Today.

I am a sensitive. Things had gotten progressively worse for me over the years until I realized that I was sensing other people's emotions, reading their states of mind in the subtle cues that make up nonverbal language, and being affected by something deeper that permeated the air around me. This had always been difficult to live with, but I only realized how much so very recently.

In the last few weeks I slowly admitted that I could no longer function, that this state of mind was a one-way path to unhappiness and drowning. I let a friend guide me, convince me that I needed to accept this part of me, stop rationalizing it... she is my mentor, and has herself accepted this as the reason I am on her path.

A wall has broken down and I am seeing the meaning behind many symbols... they're signposts meant to guide you on your way to spirituality. They are not to be taken literally. Almost nothing is.

And so I've learned to read between the lines of every blog, post and book out there about shielding and keeping other people's emotional junk out.

You need to give yourself the symbols you need to hold onto. They're a support structure. Interpret them how you want, but keep in mind some symbols have predetermined meaning for a reason... it's all about how everything fits together, and these meanings are indicators of which concepts do, and which don't.

Maybe now, with these tips and tricks, I can start living. "It's about damn time!"

InvertedHeadHeart InvertedHeadHeart
31-35, F
Feb 26, 2010