No Boundaries.

I often find that people find my ways of life difficult to comprehend. I don't feel I deliberatley go out of my way to shock, I just don't have any relgious or moral restrictions, or have not been taught any, which ever you prefer.

For instance...people find the fact I visit prostitutes on a regular basis and have had alot of sexual partners that I have never been faithful to, they also find my drug addictions from the past hard to swallow and my sexual preferences regarding swinging, bloodsports and sadism, as well as being bi-indulgent, don't hit as 'normal' to the majority.

Most people expect me to be ashamed, feel guilt and remorse or they are just envious of my ability to indulge rather than choose abstinence. I don't think I need help, nor do I wish to change, however it bothers me that in this modern era, there are still these self righteous types that like to spread my name in the mud, thus giving me a bad image, a scar that wont go away.

On a positive note from the reactions I receive, I can quickly get a good idea of what a person is really like, ths makes me more open minded to try things, be creative, I have written screenplays and have a good musical ear.

I call it life, and there isn't much of it.

Azazel27UK Azazel27UK
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

I put the inverted brackets over 'normal' for precisley that reason. You are what you are I say.

Individual is good, anyway what or who is "normal" . I find it annoying when people tell me im not normal but to me it's them who are differant to my normal or what would be the norm to my life.<br />
The lyfstyle we choose we have to live with,as long as your not intentualy hurting or trying to harm someone.