the Obscure Sport

From my experience, people don’t tend to know or understand exactly what Sporting Clays is.  It is a lot like Trap and Skeet (two other seemingly obscure games) that involve shotgun shooting and clay discs that fly at speeds of about 60 miles per hour and can come from seemingly anywhere (from behind you, crossing in front of you, rolling across the ground) in many different patterns (shooting straight up, arcing slightly, curving, diving, etc…).  It is an incredibly fun sport, and I wish more people knew about it.

I started shooting when I was 8 when my dad asked if I wanted to see what he did on the weekends, and I happily obliged.  At first, I couldn’t hold the shotgun right, and I was a pretty poor shot.  I only hit 2 out of 50 on my first go round.  But, despite the 2 hour commute to the shooting range, I kept coming back for more to spend time with my dad.  Eventually, I became much better, and began winning almost all of the age category event competitions.

By 2001, I had won a World Title and become a part of the United States Shooting Team when I was 18.  Ten years had passed, and I became a world traveling shotgun shooter having fun in this seemingly obscure sport.

I’d like to recommend trying this sport out if you can.  People often associate shotgun shooting with hicks and hillbillies, but it is truly a gentleman’s sport.  And it is a family sport too.  It can be a little pricy due to the price of a shotgun and shotgun shells, but making a weekend trip with the family to have fun with this safe sport (note, it is safe due to safe practices.  A lot of respect needs to be held for a shotgun, as in, always treating it as if it were loaded) can be an awful lot of fun.

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That sound like a lot of fun! I agree that respect for a gun has quite a bit to do with gun safety. Fantastic story! Is there anywhere that more can be learned about the sport?