USN Bootcamp, Weapons Training

I was on the firing line awaiting the orders to fire off the military issue .45. The first order was was to raise the weapon towards the ceiling & then the next order was to bring it down slowly.

It went off on the way down, & the instructors were on me like lightening.

Needless to say I did a thousand pushups, situps, running in place, jumping jacks, etc.

The next weapon I was given had a very difficult trigger to pull back, & my score suffered. And of course I suffered too w/ more excercises.

Naturally, my fellow students cajoled me afterward: "Duck, hit the deck! Here he comes!" "Hey! Shoot any birds lately?" "When you get out in the fleet you will be issued a goddam capgun!" All in good fun!

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6 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Oh well. Live & learn. Do painful exercises & learn better!<br />
I believe I had shot a shotgun too, what I remember was my shoulder was in great pain.

this is pretty funny. i mean instead of all the exercises but you know better next time haha.

Never shot a pistol, only a shot gun and that proved a bit of a task the first time round.

I'm sure these weren't the proudest moments of your navy career. You should have stuck to coffee!

Most especially with a loaded capgun!

Eh, accidents happen!<br />
I bet you are more careful now....<br />