Why Should A Man Wear A Bra?

There are many reasons for men to wear bras.
Firstly, why not.
We all know they were designed with women in mind and generally they have more to fill them, but hey, they can look great on a guy as well. All the materials, lace, underwires or plain, it doesnt matter. They can be comfy and dont have to be instraments of torture.
They do tend to suit the guy with a little extra weight, at least he can create a small cleavage and pretend he has real boobs.
They can look sexy and dont have to serve any real purpose apart from making you feel good.
Im a guy that regulary wears a bra, mainly at home but sometimes out of the house and occasionally to work. I dont like people to know, its all about me and how it makes me feel. If someone did happen to notice or pass a coment, who cares. They should get a life and get over it. Its only material after all, just in a pretty feminine shape.
It doesnt make you less of a man, if anything the opposite is true, it takes courage to wear it and to be proud of your convictions.
Personally i like underwired with smooth but lacy cups in soft colours, fine mesh is also great but preferably in black.
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4 Responses Jun 9, 2010

Wearing a bra to me is a very personal and private part of who I am. I wear a bra every day and I like how a bra makes me feel and look. Why shouldn't we wear a bra if it feels good and makes us feel better about ourself. Wearing a bra, panties and other feminine clothing keeps me in touch with my feminine side.....right where I want to be at this time in my life. You are right it is "all about me" and no one else.

Isn´t it funny that we are so faszinated about bras that we as men start to wear them ? I love to wear a bra daily and whenever possible I wear one with forms to have the feeling of "my breasts". And I love it to buy a new bra. Now I have no longer problems to ask for a fitting and so far the sales ladies have been helpful and professional. <br />
<br />
I know that many of us have problems with their wifes acceptance. So I´m very glad to get so much support from my wife.

I agree.<br />
If you feel great in a bra then go for it.<br />
I’m very flat, so prefer a silky camisole. It feels wonderful across my sensitive nipples.<br />

If you feel better wearing a bra then go for it. Everyone should feel free to wear whatever they want.