Way back, in 1984. I had a motorcycle, didn't have it for long before I was hit by a van. I didn't have a helmet on, it wasn't required at that time. I'll admit that I was known to be a little "wild and crazy" and still am. I was out riding and when I was making a left, onto a street. A van made a right improperly and hit me. I went through the windshield and was thrown down to the asphalt. This happened a block away from my house. In the hospital, it was told to my parents "I was not expected to live through the night." Fooled them I am still alive and kicking, with a much greater outlook to life. I have a real hard time restricting myself. I always learn, more than I need to know.

seriousandfun seriousandfun
46-50, M
Aug 8, 2010