Broken Heartheartned

Hello  I am doing all I can to stop looking at the clock the wedding was suppose to be at 3:00 my ex fiance and I are back together right now living together he had some issues and I asked him to move out in February of this year  this time around I wrote a letter lettting him know what I excepted so far he is doing alright but okay 2 weeks ago I am on Section 8 we go to the housing authority and do paperwork okay at that time my worker said he would be getting a letter in the mail well he has not got the letter he is getting very impatient and starting to say he wonts to look for his own place I wrote and told my manger when I paid the rent that he was thinking about moving back in well enough of that.

Now I thought we were ready we were not I got engaged last October 24th yes it was short I have a 17 year old handicapped daughter all I got to say is make sure you are ready and finacially able to be married I can no longer work and my daughters income is all I have I am looking for work for home he is working now Saturdays as a temp for Manpower started 3 weeks ago like I said do not rush not that I was he had the issues then not me well thanks peaches 2
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Sad to read your story. Did you go through with the wedding? You sound so confused, not full of love & happiness like you should be on your wedding day? It took until my 2nd time around to know how it's meant to feel. I hope it's not to late for you.