I Need to Leave the House In 1 Hour!

But here i am sat in my towel after a BEAUTIFUL warm shower!

I have had the week from hell n today i don't feel very well!!
N now i have to go to a work colleagues birthday party! i really cant be bothered as she is the one who keeps shouting at me n my mate!

But I'm going out of spite as another girl i don't like doesn't want me there so I'm going!! Just to **** her off good n proper!

But it always seems like such hard work to get ready! i wish i could click my fingers n i could be ready, a couple of dress sizes smaller, bit more stylish, bit more richer, you get the plan!!!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 23, 2007

So... one of your main motivations for going is that it will hurt someone? Personally, I would be slightly less inclined to go in that case, though I wouldn't let it stop me if I wanted to go.

" Shazam!" Here. let me do it for you..Snap! There you go..Wait moment, is that suppose to be on the OUTSIDE of your dress? I don't think so.. hang on.. Ok, SNAP! ...damn.. Oh stop screaming.. it's only you and me here, and besides, you should be proud..most people don't look that good in the nude.. Ok, ok, I'll try for the richer part while you dress yourself.. Snap! WHAT?!! Stop complaining! On some islands out in the pacific you'd be rich enough to own all the islands. Don't you LIKE sea shells? Ow! Those calms can be mean, can't they? Sorry about that..Well you didn't say WHERE you'd be richer..Picky, picky, picky.. I swear, there's no pleasing some people... Yeah, yeah, and your mom says hi..<br />
Sorry, you just have to do it the hard way.. What do you mean you just did? Honestly, there's no pleasing some people... Last time I'll come out of THAT lamp..