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I should be happy but I am not.  It is hard to find happiness anymore.  I do have so much to be happy for.  We own our house and land that is a start.  I have two beautiful kids.  I have a husband I love so much and who loves me.  I have food in the house.  I have pets, pets and more pets. I don't know though things seem like they could be so much better.  It is my depression that brings me to this I know it is.  It pulls me down and won't seem to let go.  I love my life but I am just not happy with it and I wish I could change it.
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Ok, reading all this stuff about a relationship with god, which is all fine and good, but even the best of us can have problems with unstable serotonin levels which can result in depression. <br />
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You might be married to the greatest guy on earth, have the best kids, be in the best health and have all sort of possibilities, but depression can rob you of that. And it's not your fault, depression is a world unto itself. You shouldn't blame yourself for it.

Do you think an antidepressant would help? Sounds like your depression is organic in nature, not reactive in that there doesn't seem to be anything making you feel depressed besides some bad brain chemistry.

I do love God very much but sometimes I have to ask him why me. I know he says he won't put anymore on us then we can handle but sometimes it feels like I am falling apart.

i agree with the emotional connect to the world, but i believe a strong relationship with God is the answer to true happiness. Open your heart and life to him and pray every day. It really does work. I've got that part down... next step is to get my butt to church and stop with the excuses. Life is to short and I don't want to be sorry.<br />
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A guy that I work with is a preacher and said that it states in the bible that being apart of a church is also a very important role in having a good relationship with God. I think he is right, if you want to get the most out of it.

Thank you

When looking at my own life, I found that two things were missing that were required for my happiness - regardless of the situation I was in. And when I get unhappy, it's usually about being too far from these things.<br />
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1) Knowing and acting on your highest principles in life, and towards what you believe is most important.<br />
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2) Having a strong spiritual grounding.<br />
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(I should clarify that the latter is not about religion. I am an atheist, but a spiritual component of my life is very important, and by that, I am referring to a deep emotional connectedness to the world, and one that is not mystical per se. It's the emotional connection that counts, not the content)