Everyone Tells Me So

I will admit there are times when I cannot be consoled... when I cannot find a reason to live no matter what. So everyone feels free to remind me of what I have. I have a job in this terrible economy. I have a nice apartment. I am in good health. I have disposable income... I am always reminded... however at the same time I am always reminded of the one thing I do not have... which is mentioned in another experience... >_> cannot show all my cards here.

Anyway, when I am down and really just want someone to console me... when I do not get up people always see fit to tell me that my misery is self-inflicted. I could have it way worse... even if they are right... why do I not have the right to be sad? Why am do I have to be happy?
ForgottenMale ForgottenMale
26-30, M
Apr 28, 2011