I Started This So I Should Share

I started this "group" so maybe I should share why.

I have a wonderful life. A husband who I love more than air, 2 great kids, one who will be graduating soon, the other is the light of the house. He has more energy and heart than any 10 people I know. I wouldn't trade my life, for anything. Or at least that is how I feel most of the time.

Others I feel that I am not worthy to have what I have for any number of reasons. I feel like I am messing everything up. I feel like I am not good enough. I feel like the problems my family has, are all a direct response to me. What ever the reason.

I keep trying though, and some days I am happier then others. I can't give up yet. That is one of the most important things I have learned.

Maybe I will find a way to be happy with what I have and learn to accept the fact that I am good enough, and that I am enough.
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4 Responses Jul 20, 2007

hi ifeel from your story that you are succed and now you are happy i have alot of negative thougt that is enough to let me live in avery sad life

I do not think that you need to worry as to whether you will be good enough. Arriving where you are with your family at where it is is proof enough that you are good enough. We all tend to questions ourselves instead of accepting ourselves. It appears to me form this limited writing that you and your family have achieved a great deal in achieving joy and happiness and I am sure that you are good enough and a key piece in achieving this treasure.

Keep your head up!! :) The sun is shinning!

I hope you can find the confidence you need to be happy.