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What Happened?

Hi there everyone I'm new and kinda shy. I was 10 days sober, then i drank like an idiot and now 3 days sober again. I feel like crap. I know that admitting i am an alcholic and goin to meetings are good for me, but i wan the cravings to go away. i want to be happy again, and i feel anxious all the time, i can't sleep. Is this normal or am i going crazy?
wellesleya312 wellesleya312 26-30, F 2 Responses Nov 13, 2007

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Yes, you are very normal. Been there more than once. Do you have an AA sponsor?

This is normal. Keep doing the next right thing & things will get better, I promise. As for cravings, they are usually fleeting. Don't dwell on them & they will pass. I used a mind exercise to help. Clear your mind & think of a word that makes you smile or feel good. Like a beautiful flower. Picture the word. Focus on it. Then start to draw a mental image of that flower. Then watch the petals open, smell the aroma, imagine how it would feel touching your cheek...the possibilites are endless & it does work. All my best.