My Master punished me for the first time last night. He told me I was too willful, I had put my own desires before serving him. I made the mistake of arguing with him. I should have known better. In his blazing eyes and the firm set of his jaw I saw just how angry my actions had made him. At that moment I was truly frightened of him. . I learned later my fear was justified.

He ordered me to his room. I heard the him pouring himself a drink. I waited, kneeling in front of his bed with hopes that my compliance would soften his mood. He stood in the doorway, staring down at me, his gaze revealing nothing. I bowed my head and waited for his instructions. As I heard the jingle of keys I couldn't resist glancing up curiously. He was standing before the cabinet he always kept locked. I had never been allowed to see what it contained. On the doors hung a variety of whips & paddles. On the other side I could just make out the handcuffs and other restraint devices. The shelves held several more items but I didn't dare raise my head to get a better view.

With his back to me, he told me to remove all my clothing and lay face down on his bed. I had previously only been allowed in his bed when he wanted to **** me or to have me suck his ****. I had a feeling I would not be enjoying either of those pleasures. Waiting in anticipation, I couldn't hold back the trembling as I lay in his bed. My ***** was already getting wet, my nipples erect, straining against the sheets, needing his sweet torment. I needed to feel his **** inside me, possessing me so badly ... the passionate longing overcame my fear. As he sat down next to me on the bed, I started to raise my head to speak but he gently pushed my head back down. He stroked my hair in silence for a few moments. I'm sure he felt me relax under his touch, encouraged by his tenderness into a state of security & contentment. His stern voice then came as a shock.

He told me I had failed him. I was a disappointment. He thought I was truly committed to serving him, to be obedient to him, to follow all his instructions without question. I had disrespected him. I had forgotten he owned me ... body, soul & mind. He had instructed me to perform a series of actions. To prepare my body for him in a particular way. To take pictures to prove I had done so. This time I knew better than to offer any more excuses for neglecting to do everything as he had instructed. He said because I was new to this lifestyle, he had given me extra time, probably too much time. He saw he had made a mistake by making it too easy for me. Perhaps he'd even made a mistake in choosing me to be his. I felt the tears sting the corners of my eyes as he continued to list my digressions. I ached to reach out and unzip his pants, taking out his **** and prove with my hands, mouth, lips & tongue I could still please him. But his tone was cold & hard. I wanted to plead with him to give me another chance, that I'd never disobey him again. I didn't dare move or speak & l listened intently instead.

As he stood up he said it was time I learned my place before him. I would only be his if I accepted him as my Master and understood with every part of my being I was meant to serve him, to meet his every need, to fulfill his desires and only his. I was not to act without his permission again. As he walked back to the open cabinet he said he would give me another chance to prove myself worthy of being his sub. I didn't try to watch what he was doing. I would do anything to be his so I forced myself to quietly and patiently wait. I felt him place the first restraint on my right wrist. I did not try to pull away. As he fastened the other restraint to my left wrist, he told me he was teaching me a new duty. If I were to be his sub, I would acknowledge the mistakes I'd made, vowing never to repeat them. But first ... I must prove to him I would willingly and gracefully accept whatever punishment he deemed suitable. He moved to the foot of the bed where I couldn't see him. I spread my legs apart as instructed. He told me by the time my punishment was complete I would be begging to lick his balls, to bathe his *** with my tongue and pleading to suck his **** and swallow every drop of *** ... if he decided to reward me with any. He was doing this for me. I craved his approval. I needed to please him. I knew I would agree to anything if only I could feel the hardness of his **** throbbing & thrusting into my ***** again.

The first slap of the leather whip he'd chosen to strike against my *** stung but I was able to stop myself from flinching. The leather strips brushed against my legs as he withdrew it before the next slap. I stopped counting and concentrated on not crying as he continued. Now each time he began to pull it away he let the strips slip down against my exposed ***** lips, teasing them, making me wetter. I wanted desperately to try to bring them closer, to feel more as my arousal grew. But I knew I must wait for my Master's permission. This was about learning to fulfill his needs, not mine. He told me to get on all fours, my head down, *** up in the air. I eagerly moved into position, thinking he was finally going to **** me. My **** was throbbing while my ***** anticipated the first thrust of his ****.

Instead I felt the whip again. Harder now. Faster. I knew my *** had to be glowing red by now. It hurt so much I couldn't stop the tears escaping my eyes. "You like this *****. You're a dirty *****. You live for my ****." Again he whipped my ***. "Beg me for more like the dirty **** you are."

"Please Master. I want more. I need more ... now. I was a very bad slutty *****. I deserve to be punished". He knelt on the side of the bed, rubbing the leather cords against my *****, back & forth. Slapping my *** with his hand. My ***** had never been so wet. His fingers slipped between my lips, pinching my **** before slowly inserting one finger inside me. He ****** me with his finger until I thought I'd go crazy. "You are a ****. See how wet I've made your ***** now. I could make you *** with one finger."

"Yes Master, please ... " Abruptly he withdrew his finger. With his wet hand he reached up to my **** and twisted a nipple. The throbbing in my ***** only intensified. Again I felt the sharp sting of his whip. Several more times. But he was no longer touching my ***** and I was in agony. Not because of my stinging *** but because I had never needed to be ****** like I did in that moment.

"You are my slutty *****. My *********** *****. You don't deserve to be ****** by me. Not now. I'm not going to **** you tonight ****. I will **** you when I decide to not because you want it. You won't be sucking my **** either ****. Not until I allow it." My *** hurt like hell, my ***** was aching to be ****** and my nipples were hard as rocks. And I was confused.

He moved around to the head of the bed again, releasing the restraints. As he did so he told me he was leaving. He instructed me to go to my room and wait for morning. He would be sending me my instructions. I would only receive communication by email. I had to now prove I could follow his orders to the letter. I would not be allowed to see him or speak to him until I had completed all my assignments in the allotted time. I was not to pleasure myself either. Not in any way. I would have to complete various assignments ... photos, writing, and acts. If I failed to do as I was told, everything I was told ... I would be dismissed. I managed to pull myself up off the bed and make it to my room with aching arms on very wobbly legs. I heard the door slam as he left. And I waited for morning.

One of my mistakes was posting on this web site. I did not ask permission. He found it on my computer and demanded my password. He will be monitoring my activity here. My first instruction today was to write about what transpired last night.

I hope he will be pleased.

I wait in anticipation for his next series of orders. I am ready to submit to him completely. Now I must convince him I am worthy.
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I am a very lucky ****!

Thank you Squid. I know I am exceptionally lucky.

you should be thankful to have such a loving, patient Master who understands and knows what you need, working within your limmits and helping you to expand them along with helping you gain a better understanding of a deeper love for him then most people get to experience in average relationships...