I Am A Nun Really

I spent most of my childhood and teen wanting to be a nun... I guess deep down I think I am not worthy of being a nun... but I like the idea and I have spoken to the convent a few times about pursuing a life in the convent... I believe I could give the best of myself to the church... I will be honest I do not miss relationships or sex... I do not miss people much. I value my faith and I have my own order shall we say!

I would be happy to teach or work in health or administration... etc....

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1 Response Jul 22, 2011

Good for you! I have been celibate for seven years but if I found the right guy I would marry him I guess... I have booked myself into a convent for a retreat and I joke to my friends that I might like it so much they might never see me again haha... it is an Anglican convent... I notice you wrote your story a while ago, hope you are doing ok :-)