Sometimes I Seriously Consider It.....

I have all the qualities a nun has so why shouldn't I be one? About three months ago my mom half joked/half seriously said "You know I've been thinking about you...have you ever thought of being a nun?" I laughed at her and dismissed the idea immediately but the truth is that wayyyy deep down I have to say that I have thought about it. I'm a 26 year old virgin who's been literally saved by Jesus when I was 4 after my operation went bad. Sometimes I think why the heck was I saved because up until this point my life hasn't really seemed worth saving. I do have a deep caring side to me that wants to help others and leave this world a better place. I think nuns do that or at least want to do that right? Ha I don't know maybe if I was braver and didn't care so much of what others thought of me then I seriously would join the convent. This is me rambling by the way, I'm tired and have nobody to talk to. All of this is 100% honest though. I wish I knew the reason why I was saved. I'll find out someday.....
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You said something about becoming a nun... check out our website:

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and respond. It was just an idea I had because I felt lost and still feel a little lost but like some of you have said there's no need for me to jump into the habit right now. It's true I am still young and have time to consider it. Honestly I am currently job searching and am actually having some good luck with interviews in the field I intended to be in so I am pretty optimistic about my future right now. I just need to be patient and let things fall into place I guess. Thanks again everyone. =-D

idk if being a nun is right for u considering that god has his own calling for u

Common. You don't have to become a nun to commit yourself to doing good for the benefit of God and others! Try to be committed to God and others first, don't just join a convent to escape. One has to challenge oneself to be honest as to their true motivations, BTW, you do not have to answer to anyone...and "people" will understand when you make a life decision for the right reason.

One of my Aunts is a nun. She joined as soon as she left school when she was fourteen, but continued her education & has worked as a teacher all of her adult life.What do you mean that you would consider it if you didn't care what people think? Why do you care? Surely the decision is between you & God... & anyone who would judge you isn't worth impressing anyway. They don't make their decisions ba<x>sed on what you'll think, do they? It's your life, no one else's.

Aw thank you for the response. I'm just confused I really don't have any long-term goals right now and I feel like I'm going to wake up and be 55 and not have done anything worthwhile in my life. Perhaps I should research this idea some more.

It's worth a look. You'll know if it feels right, or not.

I man I used to work with once said "if you think of something twice, do it, because you may not get a third opportunity".

Do please let me know how you get on. :)

At twenty something you feel old? Take a deep breath, you will come across many opportunities in your life....yes, even in your thirties, fourties and fifties...Life is wonderful make thoughtful decisions. Whatever you think you will be doing as a Nun...teaching, preaching whatever.. Do it now, no need to jump into the habit

You're painting this vocation as a negative. It's her decision, not anyone else's.

Just pointing out that one need not be a nun to be virtuous. It's a serious life choice and why wouldn't a woman need to give deep consideration to her reasons for wanting to become a nun? Yes, as you (and I) already mentioned, it is her decision. I did not paint "this vocation as a negative one" I simply said that one should honestly consider their motivations before entering this vocation. Out of place is young.

It does take years though. A person doesn't just decide &amp; Bam! they're in.

It just seems that's she's been put off even investigating because of the judgement of others... Because in this day &amp; age it seems *odd* to consider taking such a route in life when people have so much more *freedom* et cetera et cetera.

But the thing is what is freedom to me might feel like confinement to you. We're all different... &amp; that's okay. :)

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