Far More Water..

I drink about 0.5 litre a day and I think you should drink at least 2 litres. I read that you can get problems with your heart, depressions, allergies, problems with concentration, headache etc.
Now I'm quite scared but I think it's good that i take it serious now and try to drink more.
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3 Responses Jun 28, 2007

Naw, drink loads more of water sweetie... When I need more water, I take a 1 litre of water in a container which I pour into a glass from which I drink when I watch televsion at home. Of course I need to run to the bathroom sometimes, but water feels refreshening :) It is good for thee! <br />
But I'm normally not a healthy person; eat too much and I love candy and products with lots of lipids (like fast food or pizza):P, but I exercise a lot; and I drink at least 1 hour of water / 2 hour exercise, so its good :D

lol you're a vegetarian? awesome! then you're prolly already ahead of the curve. i don't eat much meat lol... as a matter of fact... i eat really sporadically and nothin super healthy! lol maybe i need to make a new "i need a better diet" group.

well yea... you're 70% water. taking it in is good. but if you don't like water... eat fruit... veggies... they contain it too. i know... crappy alternative right? i'm not a fan of veggies. fruit meh... only if i don't have to work for it.<br />
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anyways lol the point i was getting at is that yea water is great for you. it controls your temp... blood pressure... transport of nutrients (along with blood of course)... is the component of breaking down tons of things you need... i.e. digestion and what not. i was reading this along with the I feel fat group... but yea... the way i make sure i get my water down is just by drinking a cup before a meal. you may not need 8 cups/ 2 liters a day. it's dependent on weight, activity, etc. <br />
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oddly enough you can drink too much water... but what are the chances?