An End Of The Year Class Party, Go Or Not Go To That Party

My class is going to have a reunion party to celebrate the end of the 9th grade. They want me to go with them but honestly I onlly have a few friends in this class and i dont really like the rest of them. One of my classmates asked me "why do some people like you are getting apart of the rest?". Well, honestly, Im a little bit like that, but the truth is that i just dont want to spend a night in a bar with those people. The very little friends i've got from my class aint gonna come neither so i just dont see any reason to go. Does that makes me an outsider?
I mean the people i dont like are only from my class, is not like dont have friends ouside of the school. I really dont know what to do...

PS: I wanted to make this as a question but there isnt enought room for all of the things i wanted to say, so its goona be like a story.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

im in a similar situation,and im really not sure what to do either. my advice to you is to go and hang out with the people for a little bit and if your not having fun then just go home! you might surprise yourself with how much fun you have,or you might hate it! its up to you which one to choose:) enjoy yourself either way, and dont get caught up in what other people may think! just have an open mind about it! life may surprise you:)