I Got Out But He Still Makes Me Miserable

I got out of my marriage after only 4 years. I could see where it was going, the signs of abuse, the way he talks to our daughter, and wanted to end it before it got bad. He still makes me feel like **** for ending it and loves to tell me how ****** up I am (because I'm in love with a new guy who is younger than me). For a while there, there was a restraining order against him - but he is such an emotional manipulator that I had it lifted. Now I wish I hadn't. But I know that if I file again for one, he will continue to annoy me and I'll be forced to put him in jail. Then he'll really make me feel like ****. =/

Will this ever end? I feel like I'm losing my mind, and I don't know what is right or wrong. I want so much to move forward with my career, my daughter, and my new found love. Why can't he just leave me alone. :(
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

I can relate, I seperated from my husband last year march and we have 3 boys together, I enjoy living in my little apartment and decorating it the way I want, that is 2 bedroom with my 3 kids and a few months ago my Mother moved in to help me with my kids. My soon to be ex husband filed for divorce a few months ago and is a very evil person with his words, the marriage was a hustle for him to get his green card, he makes me so angry at times however 2 weeks ago he kept calling me stating he would take my kids back to his country and how I would never see them again, although he did help financially on our verbal arrangement with the kids, I just had enough of his verbal abuse and when we would see each other for the pick up or drop off in regards to the kids he would just humiliate me in front of them and curse me out like I was his step child or something. My nerves would have my right hand shake everytime I had to be around him, he had no respect for me and every now and then would spit on me, we have 3 boys and everytime my kids went to his house they would come back disrespecting me by saying things like .. No i will not clean; thats a womans job.. they are 6, 7and 2 years old.

So last week when he was leaving those messages of how he will bring all his family here from his country and he has found a new wife that he wants to raise the kids, I am an Amercian **** - I am so stupid - How he used me for his green card - enough was enough and I got a protective order against him and was granted 12 months of no more communication with him, he cannot call me, he cannot see his kids, he can no longer curse my mother out on her cell phone, he cannot go to the kids school. It has been 5 days of the order and life is great .. no more phone calls, no more harrassment but I feel bad that my kids will not see there Father but he blew it.

Life is much better now and it is what it is and i am enjoying it.