Should I Or Shouldn't I

How many times have you had your heart broken, I have lost count how many times that mine has been broken.

And I have no wish to try and remember them now either, I started out not really looking for someone, I was shy.

But even with my shyness I was still able to find and fall in love with some lovely women in my life.

Only it was either because of me or them, but they never lasted, now I sit here, having lived up to my silent promise for many years.

And I am starting to wonder, should I start to look once more, I don’t want to live out my life becoming old and alone.

But I also don’t want to just find someone to fill that void, which would not be fair to me, and certainly not to them.

So I sit and wonder, should I or shouldn’t I, am I too bloody old, for one thing, hell I just don’t know.

It would be so nice to find someone to share those special moments with, someone to hold, and some to hold me.

Is it a foolish thought to think of such things, I don’t know any more, I have been “single” now for so many years.

My daughters are now thirteen, and even if I do get back into their lives, it won’t be long until they will be finding their own independent lives.

And bugger it whatever I do, I will always be there for them, but I would like to find someone to share my life with, is that wrong of me?

So what should I do, I wonder to myself, **** do I have too much baggage, to be honest I don’t know.

And I have sweet FA to offer someone now, as my ex has made sure of that, well I would be no good as a sugar daddy, as I have sweet FA sugar.

So what am I left with, just me as I am, as I have been created, maybe I will try, I will let you know what happens.



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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

Everyone deserves happiness lion, if you believe you still have what it takes to find love again after so long, go for it! Never know what you'll find. And don't worry about your growing daughters they will still need you in life, so don't hesitate to rejoin them in life, though...honestly I'm unsure of their reactions to your sudden appearance, you can't contact them and you haven't been able to see I can only think of the worst and hope for the best. Happiness is yours if you really want to achieve it. Cheers mate. :)

Anytime. I believe in you :)