Should I Stay Away From Water?

Should I stay away from water?

At age 2 YO I was found at the bottom of the pool by my uncle at a public pool in New Delhi, India. I was all blue and was revived back to life.
Later as a teenager in Iran at the Persian Gulf, while being with the family at a local beach I drifted away in a small plastic inflated boat 1 mile away from the beach in the shark prone water. Rescue boats found me sleeping in the boat still drifting away. (: Later as an Adult in Abu Dhabi beach club while trailing a swimmer to a platform in the ocean water I cramped and froze and started to drown as the swimmer in front of me decided to return in a panic saying the wind is too hard to swim up to the wooden platform of this private beach club.
Lucky for me that there was another swimmer on the wooden platform who came to my rescue. He just tapped my shoulder from a distance keeping himself at a safe distance. Looked into my eyes and told me in a strong stern voice, : " Hey you can swim, I am here with you." I gathered my strength, got my confidence back, and started to swim back to the shore. 
Just recently my ex-girlfriend decided to take me, her mother, and there was another couple along with a captain of the sail boat for a fun ride on this years 4rth of July celebrations. The idea was to see all the fireworks from forked river water inlet or bay of all the towns around this huge bay. Right in the middle of the bay the boat engine died. For a long time the captain kept navigating the sail boat with some wind. But we were going in circles. His navigation through his iPhone was also not working. So many times we came close to shallow waters endangering all of us with a possibility of being stuck in muck or just hitting something. I don't know anything about sail boats, so I just did not know exactly how to help. My ex was more proactive in pushing the captain of boat to seek help. It had already gotten dark and finally he reached out for help. So a towing boat was going to tow out of the bay. But as we were waiting we got hit by a massive rain and thunderstorm. The tow boat did arrive and by now the rain, wind, and lightening had picked up there intensity. The captain of the boat requested me to hold on to the wheels for sometime. But to my surprise he never came out of the cabin along with everyone else on that boat. I braved the storm as long as I could trying to navigate my way in the storm while being towed by the tow boat. I was so scared that the lightening would hit me anytime and I would be history. I was drenched and cold. Lightening fortunately did not hit.
I was happy to hit shore but all these experiences have left me wondering, should I stay away from the water?
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The water has yet to beat you. I wouldn't stop going on the water. It sounds as if our God and Goddess were looking over you when you needed it. I have no doubt they are going to continue doing so. : )