I Really Feel

that everything i do is unwanted. I think that when i call someone they are annoyed that i did. I feel like if i leave someone a comment on something they wish it was someone else more important.

i feel like i have noting of meaning  to give people. Just this irritating buzz that won't go away. Maybe it would be better if people would just tell me how bothersome i am.


i probably should just go away.....

Tacit Tacit
22-25, F
8 Responses Aug 1, 2008

lol i figured thats what you meant. <br />
ha that would definitely be a very upfront thing to say though! haha

That may be true.<br />
i just wish i didn't feel like this : /<br />
<br />
i guess ill stay around ....

Thanks. yea... self esteem is something i don't have much of.

ha thats a funny thought. <br />
For some reason i just feel like i am irritating people. I am not sure why. I guess thats how it is in real life so i figure it wouldn't be different here.

awww whats wrong

Well, you don't. You're a great person and if you leave, an EP posse *will* hunt you down and drag you back here...<br />
Seriously, stay...PLEASE! :)

thanks. I just feel like i get in the way sometimes

Stay...I'll miss you. Honest. *hug*