Occasional Nerd-tourettes

I'll be just there. Not engaged in the conversation going on near me...not really even paying any attention.

And then it happens.

I'll pick up on a comment that wasn't quite factually correct and, without even realizing until it's too late, I hear myself utter the words "Well, actually......" and spout off about whatever it is. Eyes glaze over. Glances shift. I'll finish and receive the inevitable look of "Ooooookaaaaay.......'

I know they didn't want to hear it. I would have been perfectly content not to have said a word.

Damn nerd-tourettes  :/

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9 Responses Apr 8, 2010

I know how you feel....haoppend alot with me. My mates tollerate it but other just think im a bit of a knowitall prat lol

Surely not you, NDD...<br />
<br />

Glow - Good ideas there, thanks! I'll have to see if I can remember that ;) lol<br />
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Newday - Thanks. Good to know I'm not alone :)

I've been smacked more than a few times for my unwanted input! I feel you Bud!

I have learned to mostly keep my mouth shut in these situations, but it's really, really hard...I usually try to think of things like, did I lock the door when I left the house? Is the iron turned off? Did I remember to water the dogs this morning? And the moment passes.<br />
<br />
Sometimes though....yeah. I've been there. :)

Love it! At high noon even! :D

LOL, pumpkin! We'll have to trade wise donkey comments at 10 paces someday :D<br />
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Hold that trophy up high, Medomai...you earned it ;) lol

Ouch!! That does seem like a bit of an over reaction on his part, but still....*awkward* I haven't done that (that I'm aware of) but I do blurt out the occational statement that's so random even I'm left saying "What the hell was that?" Still...you win :p <br />
*hands over the "A for Awkward" trophy*

So, yeah...er, um, uhhhhh.......<br />
<br />
Realizing the irony of sharing a story perhaps better left unsaid in a group titled "I should learn to keep my mouth shut" LOL