Every Single Time

i think that ervy time i get my hopes up that it falls completely and utterly apart. im in love with a boy and hes moving. after a break up of 9-10 months he waz the first guy i waz interested in. hes so differrent than ne one else and i dont want him to leave me. hes changed me in so many ways and my heart breaks wen i think of him leaving. with him gone i wont want ne one else.
prettylady prettylady
18-21, F
3 Responses Jul 1, 2007

Yes, listen to wonderful "gypsysoul"! Tell him; otherwise you'll just be sad and regret that you didn't tell him, retrospectively!

if you feel this strongly, you should definitely keep in touch. have you told him how you feel? it's important to let the people around you know that you care. trust me on that one!

I find your abuse of the english language quite horrific, but all the same, I just wanted to say that I know that it can be extremely painful when people move away, and that it must hurt a lot. I'm not sure why you can't continue to pursue your love for him though? Distance doesn't need to mean much in these days of IM and webcams.