By God's Grace

When I was 5 I suddenly became very ill.
I went to the hospital in my city and they hadnt a clue to what was going on. I was throwing up the rainbow. Then my doctor walks in and looks at me (screaming my head off) and then looks at my mom and tells her in his heavy Indian accent that he didnt know how I was still up, they had given me enough tranquilizer to knockout a horse. So he called an amublance (care flight was taking too long) and I was sent out of city, to a Children hospital.
My mother was in the hall and she says she heard in her spirit the devil say he was going to take me out this world. So my mum called every praying person we knew. Then they pumped my stomach, but were unsure if that would completely solve the problem and soon the majority of my church was in my hospital room. They prayed. I stayed in the hospital that night and woke up asking for a cheeseburger. After some more tests, I was fine to go home. As they released me, the doctors told my mum that if i had come in just 2 minutes later I would have died and it was a miracle that I am alive. To this day we dont know what exactly was wrong other than the fact that my body had poisoned itself, but what I do know is that I'm still here, but only by the grace of God.
EmpathicThespian EmpathicThespian
18-21, F
Aug 5, 2012