Had a Wild Life

during my teenage years i was running wild, shoplifting, doing drugs, just whatever i felt like doing right or wrong.  on one occasion me and this other girl i just met who had escaped from a juvenile girls home hitchhiked to florida.  one of the cars we got into for a ride i swear to this day was the serial killer henry lee lucas.  he kept telling us we should go to california with him.  me and my girl always had a knife and a plan in case we ever ran up on a nut who tried to hurt us.  luckily we got out and ditched him at a store.  later when i look back i swear that is who it was that picked us up.  the timeframe matches and everything.  on another occasion i was at an apt. and was partying like always.  it was me and 3 other guys.  i only knew one of them briefly prior to the night in question.  i had taken 2 hits of orange sunshine and was playing quarters with tequila and 7-up slammers in a shot glass.  i was losing the game that night and had to drink alot.  well then the trip kicked in and i was really ****** up.  they started ******* with me hard and i apparently passed out.  i had an out of body experience like i was going thru a dark tunnel with like a winged tour guide and all i could think of is i want to wake up i want to wake up...and i did wake up and was locked by myself in the bathroom sitting in the bathtub of cold water.  it was the next afternoon.  at lot of missed time was unaccounted for.  maybe i had alcohol poisoning and almost died i think not to mention the lsd i took before that. i could write a book.

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1 Response Jun 11, 2009

I know what you mean, I was picked up by the green river killer, in a separate occasion I was picked up William Bonin & Vernon Butts. I hate serial killer's!