I was working for a team of criminal lawyers back in Slough in the 90's we dealt with all sorts and one night after working late I was driving my old Morris Minor picked up for 30 quid outside a pub in Acton.  This car was amazing every time I drove it somewhere I'd take a piece of it with me, door handle, window winder, interior facia, choke knob, gear stick knob, soon enough I had more of the car in my office than in the car, but times being hard I was determinied to get my moneys worth.  Well it was late one night and sure enough my car just stopped outside the Copthorn Hotel just outside Slough.  I was taking a friend home and a man appeared out of nowhere and offered to help us get it stated.  Now being polite I listened to him and I noticed he had a walking stick, and a dodgey moustache but being a little frustrated at my beloved car I attemped to look under the bonnet as you do, even though I didn't know what the hell I was doing only I had seen lots of men in the past doing this on the hard shoulder of the A40 so I though I'd give it a go.  Well this man said I know what your problem is, its your fan belt, and I can fix it for you so you can be on your way.  He said that if I took off my stockings he could sort the car out so i could get to a garage, well my friend was wearing jeans and I was wearing a suit and high heals and my friend was just looking at me and encouraging me to let the man have my stockings.   After a little conversation I indeed took off my stocking and one shoe and handed it to the man, he then came over all strange and started to sniff my stocking and rubbing it all over his face disgarded his walking stick and legged it over a field and into the car park.  There I was stuck, midnight, one stocking, with my friend getting quite agitated and trying to calm her down.  I managed to get a lift from a friend and didn't really think too much more about it until abour four or five days later I was dealing with a client who had been brought in for minor indecency charges, now I looked at him and he looked at me quite sheepish and I said just for your information it was the fan belt and he said what are the odds your fan belt going and meeting me on the same night we should put on the lottery!  I have put on the lottery ever since but I still haven't won 
bettyboo1965 bettyboo1965
41-45, F
Jul 17, 2010