Huntingdon,Pa. Dept. Of Ageing Staff

This is being written by their own actions covering a span of 4 years or more.The people in Huntingdon Office of Ageing sneak and lie.Do not trust their
kind overtures,they are like snakes and can do you harm.When they make a mistake they will make no amends to you.Fast as a storm they will take over
everything all money and all belongings in the home no matter who is the owner of it.If you even try to recover what is yours they take it all! They can have you arrested rather its true or not so be careful in dealing with these snakes they may set you up.They want to get in head line news for that big storyYou got to watch what you say and have your own witness when you are with them.They are not your friend,they will take everything.When they make a mistake thet give no apology or regret.The people in the Huntingdon office are not worth pieces of **** on the ground.If I want something done I call their boss in Bedford ,Pa.
kingleer kingleer
Jul 28, 2011