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This is my gumball machine.

He is lonely.
His is sad.
He will soon be empty.
He likes it when I twist his knob and make his blue things pop out,
sometimes I have to fight for his blue things which makes me sad.
The blue things taste really good in my mouth.
He is free.

He is sweet, with a hint of vvhore.
Mr. Gumballz.

p.s. Mr. Gumballz just ran out of gumballs. Q~Q
Mittons Mittons 18-21 10 Responses Jan 27, 2013

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people pay good money to think like you . How many of those can you put in your mouth at one time ?

Awww that's very sweet of you

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! You shall be avenged, Herr Gumball!

you crazy ****!


You're funny :{D

Thannnkkks :D

there is a smiley face on your floor.

wellll, you just need more balls! ^_^

Hey, You sound so sad If you want to talk please message me..I have a big heart and if I can just know what's bothering you maybe i can help...Please message me I hope i hear from you..My name is Antonia

Awwww thanks, you're areally sweet person but I was only joking around with this :P

This. This made me happy.


p.s. the pickle in the background is too sinful for wurds.


Why so blue?

Cuz he doesn't get any ladies.