My Shameless Wife

My wife in in her mid-thirties. She loves to wear revealing dresses. But with time she seems to have grown really shameless. Nowadays when we visit a sea-beach she wears all-revealing two-piece bikini and lie down on sand. She keeps her boobs, butts and belly shamelessly exposed. She has a bit fleshy hip with deep navel which makes her irresistible. Her big implanted boobs and thick, long, flowing hair send alarmingly sexy signals to other men. I like her dress but I feel a bit insecure when other men flock near her to enjoy her body view. I don't like other men touching her but she loves to be caressed and fondled by other men. When asked she told that likes her body to be massaged by some other men on beach. But she would not like me to massage her. She has grown really shameless which she was not before.
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36-40, M
2 Responses May 5, 2012

Looks like she needs some excitement in her sex life. I would love to see some pictures of her.

nothing wrong with showing, if you have it to show!