First Time Seeing It....

When I was 9 years old, my friend from down the street was up playing with me in my room, she was 10, my bed sat in a way that there was room between the bed and the window and you really couldn't see us when sitting behind it, one afternoon, we were sitting back there and it was summer time, both wearing shorts and we got curious, she said "I've never seen a boy before"...I said "I've never seen a girl before"...she said "You want to see?"...I said "Yes, I would" she lowered her shorts and panties and all I saw was that slit...I was a little disappointed, but what else was I going to see?....she said "Ok how bout yours?" I lowered my shorts and my **** fell out, she said "Oh my goodness, do you mind if I touch it?" she reached over and played with it, of course it grew erect quicker than you can snap your fingers, she pulled on it and played with it and my balls too, nothing else happend, but it felt nice, we pulled our shorts back up and that was it....we never did it again....not even after we grew up a little, just that one innocent time, it was kind of sweet actually, but we share a moment and I'll never forget it...she was the first one that ever touched my **** or played with it...I remember I didn't have my first ****** till I was about 12 though....but overall, good memories
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I was fascinated with what girls had in their knickers from about the age of 5 when I had my first look. A little girlfriend and her sister were playing with me and my friend when the younger of the two needed to pee; so she just found a place and we stood around her, sort of protectively. When she stood up and pulled up her knickers I saw her lovely little mound and her slit; I remember asking what it was and kneeling down to get a better look. That resulted in me dropping my shorts and showing what I had; her sister followed and so did my friend; we looked at each others `bits` with great curiosity...that curiosity never diminished in the following years. I took part in the `show me yours` thing for a number of years, up to about age 11 when the girls started to become less keen as their bodies began to change; I remember gasping in amazement when a girl who was 11 showed us boys (aged 8) her fuzzy covered mound; we had no idea about pubic hair, and could`nt wait to touch it; she let us touch it for a while then said she had to go and `do something` as we had `got her going`. We had no idea what that was either!