Anger / Resentment Towards My Childhood

I have much resentment / anger towards my childhood that I continually battle wth.  I often think at my age surely I should let it drop.  I left home more or less at age of 17years.  I could not wait to get out.  Dad always drunk and mum always the victim and that is really what most of memories consist of when I did live at home.  I left home at the first opportunity and got married at 18yrs - it was great at first but somehow I ended up in similar marriage as my parents lol.  Ironically, my husabnd had similar childhood as myself - dad the drinker, mum the passive enabler.  I often hear people saying - let it go - I try.  But, I have so much resentment and anger inside of me and have put up a kind of barrier so people can only get so far with me and I then reach a point where I shut them out.  Any tips?

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1 Response Feb 24, 2010

Coming from someone who also has a drinker dad, I can only tell you what I do and how I feel and what helps me to be positive and move forward. When you are sad, angry or anything it is not affecting your parents, and until you let this go you won't be able to live your life. You have one life, and you owe it to yourself to live it. You took the power into your own hands at 17 when you left that house your life gave you the opportunity to live your life. If you want to close the past with communication with your parents by expressing your feelings first then write them a letter you can send it to them however you wish. Burn it, throw it in the water or mail it. Get the anger out if that will help. Meditation and healing classes help by helping you focus on you. Any ill feelings anger, hate, sorrow will greatly affect your health which will slow you down. Take control be 17 again and enjoy your surroundings, change what you can and be positive. Appreciate the small things around you, a pretty flower to your kids your accomplishments, sunny day, beach. <br />
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