First Reaction Is Anger

my first reaction is my anger. which i have a hugh temper.. i dont like to cry because i dont like to look weak.. it takes alot to make me cry. so to have my boyfriend lie to me about going to a ***** club for 2 days to my face, set me off. i confronted him and a "good" friend about it and they both denyed it.. it was 2 days later after fighting about it. that he told me the truth and that he did it to see me cry because it makes him see that i care about it.. now im hurt beyond words.. im hiding it still but i can feel happiness dissapper from my life. to be lied to from people i care about kills me and it makes me pissed and it pushes me away to the point where i wont even look at someone again. i dont know what i can do to forgive.

azntx89 azntx89
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 25, 2010

forget and forgive