Not So Much Anymore.......

Thanks Shane! Realizing that even when I did show any sort of emotion, you'd become deaf, blind, & dumb. Telling me "I won't talk to you when you're emotional!" Meanwhile, I'm talking to you calmly & rationally, but because you knew I was a bit annoyed or hurt.......oh well, I'm being too "emotional" **** OFF ****OLE! There, how's that for being emotional?

Now I don't show my emotions as much. I don't think I will ever be truly free til I can. But I need to find someone who won't despise me because of them. Who'll embrace them & still talk with me, not at me!


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2 Responses Mar 23, 2009

I LOVE BEING THAT WAY! i don't like hiding what i feel inside sometimes, and people laugh because they aren't as comfortable with themselves as i am. that is what makes it funny, and i think that allot of the things i let out are funny too. not that i always say what is on my mind, but i like showing how i am feeling to others when i am really happy and want to get others happy two!

Glad I found this story ... sounds like it was meant for me.<br />
I have been contemplating a divorce after 40 years. <br />
I have a former lover whom I speak to on the phone<br />
I have a husband who is very unemotional<br />
I am in therapy <br />
<br />
Because of some of or all of the above, I get quite emotional ... when I cry, I cry a river and can't stop til it's all out of me. My husband ignores my tears, and my former lover tells me that it is childish to cry ... like a child having a tantrum .. very unbecoming he said .. this made me cry moreso.<br />
My mom told me that crying is good for the soul<br />
It cleanses the soul<br />
It cleans out our tear ducts<br />
It gets out all the emotional crap and brings us to a place of stability<br />
Bottom line ... crying is not a negative function<br />
It is perfectly human to cry when emotions are overwhelming.<br />
<br />
Men ... most of them don't understand because they were taught from little boys "not to cry" ....<br />
Best not to cry and be strong ... not easy, if you're a warm sensitive woman ... like us.