Nephews Visit

 My nephew lives out in the country and stops over night at our house for work occasionally. One night when there was a late night football match on TV which I new he would stop up late to watch, I made an excuse about having an upset stomach so I could spend some time up stairs setting up the wife for him who had gone to bed early. During the day I had moved a full size mirror across the room in line with the bedroom door so all I needed to do was pull the sheets back off her, wedge the door open then line up the mirror so as he came up the stairs to go to his room it not only showed her in full view but reflected the light on her making her stand out in the dark room. I had also set a mirror up in the hall way so I could see where he was standing from down stairs but this would only allow me a limited view of his legs. I then had to simple return to the football and wait for him to go to bed.
The match seemed to go on for ages and I was starting to worry the wife would wake and pull the sheets back over her self or even close the door finally the match finished, I explained I was going to wait up for the weather report and said good night as he opened the door I could hear the Sue snoring so I new the bedroom door was still open I quickly moved to look through the door to the mirror I set up as he turned on to the landing he paused but only for a second the went to his room the feeling of disappointment was unbearable had she covered her self over had the door shut to much.
Just as I was about to go I heard his door open as i watched he crossed her doorway pausing for a few more seconds before going into the bathroom he turned the light on then slowly walked backwards to her door waited for 5 to 10 seconds walked a few steps to the bathroom then came back again this time he entered the bedroom room just a few steps but enough so he could look round the door at her on the bed. He stood there for a good 2 to 3 min before going to his bedroom and shutting the door at this point I could not wait to go and see what he was able to see of Sue and how she was posed for him I took a few photos my self to remember the night
I hope you get as much pleasure as he did, he stays more often now but I have only been able to recreate the situation a few times since 

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Have a chance to see sue live you just need to have Skype post some comments or send tribute photo to and I'll send the skyp name


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great story! I wonder if he will ever try more than just looking? That would make a great story too.


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Great story. <br />
We have 5 nephews and as I read your story I thought about one of them see my wife. One is mid is married and late 20's and I dont think he is type to look. I could imagine 3 of them looking though. one is 22 and although he recently got married I think he would like to look. One is 17 and the other 15.........I think that they would enjoy seeing her naked and am now wondering about doing something so that they see her......?????

Wow that is just amazing. and your wife looks very sexy. i would love to stare at her all night long.

I so enjoyed your story, I have added your wife to my collection but would love to see more,<br />
I know the feeling so well your story took me back to my first expieriance with a wife exposed I was not long married and we moved into my buddy Pauls house with his wife ingrid, it was the late sixties My wfe wore a very short mini dress and the four of us went out to a night club, needless to say we all got drunk but my wife was by far the drunkest , we lived across the road from the club so in no time at all we was home and I carried my wife up to our bed and just layed her out on it she was soon snoring so I parted her legs real wide and with a view to having my wicked way with her when, suddenly their was a knock at the door and it just opened and Paul walked in to my bedroom and poor Christine he saw, her with her skirt pulled up and her white nylon panties on display, I expierianced two emotions the first was anger but that soon subsided into excitement I began laughing then Paul did to as he sat on the side of the bed and pointed his finger at Christines gusset, I was still laughing as his finger stroked her nylon covered mound , then the lounge door down stairs opened and ingrid began staggering up the stairs Paul jumped up and whispered quick cover her up so I did and he said good night and left. <br />
I had several more intense occasions with Paul and many others over the years,<br />
I have a large collection of photos of Christine and love it when others get to see her, She knows about most of them and doesnt care so life is great.<br />
Oh by the way I am not a litary expert just a guy ok if ya want to mark papers become a teacher lol ( you know who you are)....

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Beautiful! I don't know if I would have been able to leave after only 2 or 3 minutes--it would be very difficult to look away, she's so hot.