My Wife Was In Such A State,she Doesn't Know Who ****** Her.

I ****** my wife last week after she stayed out all night drinking.the last person she was with before coming home was a man.I know she didnt do anything with him because her ***** was tight and dry until i penetrated and started thrusting.She moistened and widened then.She was soaking and moaning loudly.I came over her belly and she jerked me off into the final moments of my ***.She was murmuring and muttering making no sense t.hink that she later wasnt sure who she ****** even though i dont believe that she fancies the other guy.I looked at her panties and there wasnt much trace of her juices on them from before I removed them.I know my wife didnt have sex with another man but i don't think she knows that.
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I would love my drunk wife having sex with another man before she came home

That would have been great. you should have joined in and helped her.

She had me in the palm of her hand ******* me for a while lol.A few times since then when she was very drunk and asleep.I put her to bed and the later in the darkness began fingering and licking her etc.kissing her as she half asleep began to respond,and was murmuring as i entered her.She told me afterwards that she knew it was me the whole time and that she hoped I didn't think that she thought it was someone else.<br />
On another occasion I got a guy to watch on cam as I started on her as she slept,ended up with her awake wanting me to **** her hard,which I did,but came too soon cos it was all too exciting for me.I now call it Twilight ******* cos it happens in the hazy drunk half asleep semi conscious state which is indeed so alluring.

yes my wife was fast of the other night moaning like she was comming off and muttering to her self but i couldnt make out what she was muttering in her sleep [pity id love to know who she was dreaming about lol

you hav had her in the palm of your hand,it would of been great ******* with her mind

Loliagree now.It's just a pity I didn't think of it at the time.Ah well I might be better prepared in future.

I think I would of played with her mind... made her suspect she had fun without you.. <br />
The possibilities are endless... imagine.

I let my friend finger **** mine while she was passed out next morning I told her our friend undressed her played with her and watched while I ****** her she said she was awake all the time and he was not there when i ****** her and to prove it she told me what position I ****** her in ie= over the end of the bed with one foot on the floor so in that case she must have known it was my friend finger ******* her and made no attempt to stop him obviously she was enjoying it