Vegas Window Show

This is from when we had gotten newly married. We went to Vegas to have some R&R, and being on a budget, we picked a nice room on a low floor at the casino-hotel. The price was low because the room faced a construction side and another hotel. My wife was getting more and more adventurous and kinky as time passed in our marriage. That evening, after some time at the casino and a few drinks, we came back to the room to ****. My wife took off her panties in the elevator, which was easy, since she was wearing a skirt. When she came to the room, we turned the light on and she began to ***** for me. She had not realized that the window blinds were open, and that with the room lights on, everyone looking from outside, was getting the show too.

Her white frilly blouse was the first to go, and she was really working her body. All she had on now was her black lace bra and her knee length skirt. At this point, she turned her back to me, faced the window, and took off her bra (Still too drunk to realize that the blinds were open and everyone could see her. The bra came off slowly, and her C-cup breasts bounced free from their restraints. I am sure that most of the people watching must have *** at this points, as she continued to tease me, and give the world outside a frontal show. She then came to me, took off my clothes, and went down on her knees to suck me off, and she did a great job of it. After taking my share of sucking, I moved her to the bed, bunched up her skirt and started banging her from behind. The show continued, I banged her while she knelt on the bed, her boobs swinging with my every thrust. And the window was getting a good sideways view of her. So we finished and then passed out on the bed.

The next morning, her headache kept her from realizing that the blinds were still open and that she was naked. The construction workers could see her and get a good view too. But soon she got up and went to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. I suggested that we go to the casino-motel across the street for breakfast (the same one that she entertained the previous night). So we enter the breakfast area and sit in the patio area for breakfast. My wife looks really hot with another short skirt, and a nice blouse and boots. You can make out that she has a nice demi-cup bra on underneath. She whispers to me that she is not wearing any panties. At that point a young couple walked up to us and told her, “thank you for the ***** show last night in your room. You have an awesome body and we got really horny seeing you. Would you and your partner like to have a ********* or a foursome with us?”
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Sep 22, 2010