Nude Beach Virgins

Kristen and I went to Miami over the holidays, and WOW. I've experienced a lot of different sexual scenarios in my life but attending a nude beach might take the cake. We went to a place called Haulover Beach in Florida, we didn't know it at the time but apparently it is a well known nude beach. It was so exciting/embarrassing/interesting letting everything hang out in front of so many strangers! When we first pulled up we were both a little apprehensive about stripping everything off. We were completely sober and both got that weird feeling in our guts when we stepped out of our rental car baring all of our god given goods. It felt like everyone on the beach was staring at us. Maybe my wife is more comfortable with being the center of attention as we have shared her with other guys before and she has been naked in front of lots of other people before...however this was something fairly new to me. Either way we made our way to the water front and laid down some towels. There were naked people all over, definitely an older demographic but there were a lot of younger people as well. We relaxed on our towels for a half hour or so...there were a number of older people who slowed down and some who stopped and made small talk with us. One guy traveling by himself stopped to talk and midway through his conversation with my wife started to grow "bigger". It was amusing to watch because we were both laying down and his growing unit was right in our field of view. He didn't seem to mind and stuck around until he was fully erect. As the conversation slowed he shook our hands and went on his way...
As our comfortableness and confidence increased we decided to walk around the beach and see everything/everyone it had to offer. My eyes darted at every *** and *** that passed us and my wife later told me she enjoyed seeing so many dicks in plain view. I was amazed at how small the average **** length was, I guess you get used to seeing ****** and expect everyone to be absolutely hung but the truth is there were a lot of small ***** hanging out. Nonetheless we continued to walk when a couple approached us and asked if we wanted to play beach volleyball with them and their friends. There was a net up about 50 yards away and a group of 4 couples playing. We made the 5th couple and Kristen and I split teams. There was one other couple that looked like they were in there 20's two couples in their 30's and a couple that looked more of the cougar variety. this game was kind of the focal point of that part of the beach as there was maybe 20 people or so watching. it was exciting to feel all of those eyes inspecting my body and to look over and see my wife naked in front of so many people. It was like we were stars of a live sex show minus the sex. The game started and nude bodies were flying all over, **** were bouncing, and ******* were in plain view as women bent down to pick up the ball (my wifes included). After I worked up a sweat and the game was finished I decided to walk into the ocean a bit and cool off. My wife told me she would meet me back at our spot by the towels. When i made my way back i noticed she had found one of the only black guys on the beach to keep her company. Big surprise there (my wife has a fantasy of sleeping with a black guy even though it hasnt happened yet). They were both laying down and he was on my towel so I just kind of hung back and watched their interaction. Kristen spotted me watching and handed her new black friend the bottle of suntan lotion to rub on her. She turned on her stomach, flashing me a smile as she rolled over, and exposed her backside to this guy. He didn't hesitate to sit up and straddle her around her thigh area, leaving him a clear view of her *** and resting his **** right below it. He began to apply the lotion to her shoulders, taking his time rubbing it in he moved his way to her lower back and eventually was rubbing her bare ***. He moved to the side of her now and rubbed lotion on her thighs and down her legs. I was only about 20 yards away and I could see his was completely hard now. I was so watching them so intently I didn't even realize I was half hard until I looked down. Eventually Kristen moved her head from towel and I made my way over to the two. When I got there she introduced me right away as her husband and the guy started to get up a quickly and acted a little embarrassed. I told him to not worry about it and to have a seat. When i sat down by them I noticed just how hung this guy was. If you see my pictures I have an average ****, 6 or 7 inches hard, and this guy put mine to shame. He was a solid 9 inches and a healthy girth too, still hard from having his hands all over my wife. Eventually he got up to leave and shook our hands. I told him to atleast give Kristen a goodbye kiss and he feverishly bent down and pecked her lips. I laughed and said thats not a kiss, to which he responded by bending down by here again and french kissing her for about 5 seconds. No that was a proper goodbye kiss. We stayed around for another hour or so when we both had had enough of the beach.
When we got back into the car I told my wife to lay back in car (still naked) and ********** for me. As she fingered herself and I drove I told her to think of all the dicks she just saw and what she would do to some of the guys. She closed her eyes and really got into it. She moaned and starting fingering herself aggressively until she finally came. Almost instantly she sat up and wrapped her mouth around my soft penis. It didnt take long and I was hard as could be with the thought of some strangers **** bouncing up and down on the volleyball court. I came into Kristen's mouth and told her about the girl I was thinking about. We both decided that next time we went to a nude beach we would have to find a quiet area to get to know some new friends :-)
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Hot story! I went to Haulover Beach once also, and had a great time seeing all the nude people, casually keeping my **** semi-hard the whole time. Eventually I stroked it until I came!

Awesome story. Again I wish it was my wife and myself. The only time we have been on a nude beach was walking from a clothed section through a nude section to get to the next clothed section. If I had my way I would have stayed so I could have watched guys admire my wife. I would love to watch a guy put suntan lotion all over her nude body and develop a horse **** while enjoying her body. Too bad his **** didn't "bump " into your wifes ***** while he was behind her massaging her back eh?

Very hot story, thanks a lot !