My Ex Exposing Her

This goes back quite a few years. I loved my ex wearing pantyhose & no panties. She had great legs & good sized ****. I knew a public toilet that was split in two, mens & ladies, made out of planking. In the males there was one toilet & one urinal. 2 of the planks had been removed so guys could watch others peeing & if they wanted suck & play with each other. We drove there she was wearing high heels sheer pantyhose, mini skirt & a long jumper. I asked her if she wanted to go in & we could play around. She said she was nervous as hse had flshed with me before but never so boldly. We had just parked next to the mens when a guy turned up & went into it. I wanted to get her in the stall so I said wait a minute see if he comes out. He didn't so I wsent in, he was in the stall. I was very excited & went back to the car & said lets still go in. She was unsure but i said hey we can always come right out if she doesn't like it.
We stood near the urinal & I pushed her back so she lent agianst the wooden wall, right in line opposite with the missing planks. The guy could then look if he wanted to. We started kissing & slowly I pushed up her jumper & pulled both **** out of her bra. Her nipples were rock hard & the way she was pashing me I knew she was very excited. Slowly I raised her skirt & slid my hands up & down her legs. As i did this she opened her legs much wider so I just lifted her skirt up to her waist. I looked down & her pantyhose had a huge damp patch. I started feeling her through the nylon & sdhe just started rubbing hard against my hand. She can come quickly but I wanted her to last. I then slowwly went down on her & the nylon was now soaking in her juices. I still picture it as if it happened yesterday. Her leaning against the wall with her **** out & me eating her while a stranger watched.
Suddenly we heard voices 3 or 4 people coming near the toilet. She jerked down her skirt & pulled her jumper down. We dashed up as a family of 4 came riding along on the bikes. I can still see the looks on their faces as a guy & girl came out of the mens. We jumped in the car & drove off.
Unfortunately we never knew if the guy was watching & I still fantasis about letting hiom feel her up.
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so beautiful

Great story. My wife and I have had several similar experiences. Check out my profile and please leave a comment if you enjoy our stories.

Love to see your photo's of your ex.