Beach Voyeur

My ex loved showing off to guys at any time. Like going to the gas station & wearing a mini & bikini top. Her ample **** always looked liked they would fall out at any moment. The guys all looked & she just pretended not to notice. By the way she was blue eyed & blond a little plump hence the large ****.
She would come to my Gold coast apartment & always ***** of with the curtains open. One of the neighbours was about 22 he used to stand on his balcony & watch her all the time. She even showered with the shower curtain open & my bathroom had ordinary windows not tinted but net curtains. Naturally she opened these first.
I knew a beach with bushes & dunes where voyeurs go to watch couples. I told her about this & immediately she said can we go? I was hard immediately as I love both watching & exhibiting as we bonk.
Next day we headed to the beach. She wore a mini & her bikini top. We arrived at the dunes about a 5 minute walk from the car park. Laid down the towel. She was nervous which surprised me. She took off her top & let her **** out as she looked around. She lay down & asked where are the guys. I said don't worry it won't take them long. I started kissing her & then playing with her jugs. Her nipples were really hard. I looked up & sure enough a guy who is a regular voyeur had moved about 30 ft away. At this stage she had not noticed him. I waved to him to come closer without her seeing me do it. He stopped about 10 ft away & sat down. I then resumed playing with her **** which got him interested. I looked & he had his c---k out. Then I told her & she looked shocked. I said don't worry but just look. She had a peek & said wow. I said can you see his c---k? She said yes. He was looking right up her mini while slowly pulling. She said should I take my pants off? Of course. She then pulled her pants off & kept the mini on. She lay back down but I said can you see him? She said yes. I said do you like it? She said yes but I am nervous. I then started kissing her & noticed her nipples were rock hard like my member. I then slowly pulled up her mini & started playing with her *****. Needless to say she was soaking. I slipped a finger in & out slowly as her hips started thrusting. She said stop I want to watch him so she sat up opened her legs wide & watched the guy *******. He started ******* furiously as she watched him then he just spurted on the sand. He stood up waived & left.
She then said please lick me. I did & within a minute she came. She rolled onto her belly & I was into her immediately. As I was thrusting she said is anyone watching? Unfortunately no. I was part pleased as I came that fast if they hadn't been there at the beginning they would have been very disappointed.
She said can we go? I said sure. That night we had drinks & she said she was very excited. She went & showered while I got the couch ready in front of the open window. But that is another story as well as our visit to the dunes a couple of weeks later.
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She was have you seen the photos of her in the apartment? Many thanks for the comments.

Very daring of both of you! I love that she was so nervous but her excitment overcame her nervousness, and that she wanted to watch him watching you. She sounds like a real firecracker!