My Wife At The ***** Club

Recently I took my wife, Mary, to a ***** club. We’d been to ***** clubs together before but not in quite some time. Since I love to show her off I asked her to wear this sweater “dress” with thigh highs and some very sexy high heels. As you can see, it’s very low cut and if she moves around much at all it leaves things exposed.

We got to the club and picked a seat at a table a little ways back from the rail, and ordered drinks. Mary was sitting next to me and I had my arm around her and noticed that her right areola was exposed almost to the nipple. As I had my arm around her it was pretty easy for me to pull the sweater a little and leave her breast completely exposed. She noticed it was exposed but made no effort to cover it. I noticed she was getting a lot of attention from the other patrons in the bar and some dirty looks from some of the dancers who were off the stage. After about 3 songs of us sitting there with her breast totally exposed the manager came over and very politely said that she had to be covered up. As this was a ***** club I found this hugely amusing. I chalk it up to the fact that she had, by far, the largest breasts in the place.

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BRAVO!!!! we had a similar experience in Md one night wife was dancing in front of me and being very provocative and the bounce came over and told she had to stop dancing as she was getting more looks than the skinny *** small titted

Great story, awesome pics. I would love it if my wife would wear that outfit in public!

Sounds like she stole the show with out even trying

awesome babe