The Repair Man

One of our ideas we always though would be very hot to try was the thought of having a repair man come to fix something , then having Chrissy seduce them and allow them to have their way with one another.  We would frequently talk about different ideas like this but our first time action one out was when our washer broke.
Chrissy called me at work and said the washer was not working. I told her I would arrange for a repair man.  I did call and make an appointment for a service call to have the washer looked at. 


During the time we were waiting for the service appointment to arrive Chrissy and I talked about this being a good time to try act our the idea we have had about her seducing him when he was over if the situation allowed and she felt comfortable in doing so.  We both agreed to move forward with the idea and hot some how sex sessions together thinking about it before the appointment came.


The day of the service call arrived and the repair man did show up close to onetime.   One of those 8am-12 am time windows so we did not know exactly when to expect him.  But since it was the early morning I suggested when he arrives Chrissy greets him in only her robe acting like she was just getting up and getting her day started and had not dressed yet for the day.


Chrissy did answer the door for the repair man in only her robe and let him in.  She was friendly and he seemed to be receptive to her attire.  She showed him the washer and told him it wouldn’t do any thing.  He even made a jok about her being in her robe and she must not have any clean clothes!  So things were going well. 


He did begin to inspect the washer and Chrissy offered to make him coffee.  When the coffee was ready Chrissy brought it to him and leaving the wash room let her robe open a little so he go a quick nice view of her.


Not all to long after that the repair man called for Chrissy to tell her about the problem.  He showed her the dial was faulty and needed to be replaced.  As he was showing her she used this as an excuse to get rather close to him and brush up on him in the wash room.  She allowed her robe to open up again now showing him a view of her breasts.  He responded with interest and disbelief. 


Seeing his discomfort wanting more but also trying to stay professional Chrissy softly said to him it was a fantasy of hers to seduce a repair man and it was ok for him to touch her.  After a brief pause his hand found its way to her thigh and he was exploring her. Chrissy felt his buldge as he explored ,she let her hand touch his chest felling his chestand undoing his shirt. He began to kiss her while he opened the rob. His hands were touching her and he began to play with her shaved *****.  Chrissy was very wet from excitement of his touch and actually moving forward with the fantasy.  Soon her rob hit the floor leavening her totally naked as he continued his exploration.

Chrissy caught her breath and suggested that they go to the bed room. She grabbed his hand and led him. Once there she began to undress him, finished unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants.  She was greeted with a nice **** ,not large but of good size she said. He laid her on the bed and began to go down on her it was just a minute or two to her first big O of the day. He comited on how great she taste and how smooth she was. It was her turn to return the favor and Chrissy reached out and grabbed his **** and stroked it , he changed poisons so she could suck him while he continued to eat her with a vengeance. she was now coming quite a few times and begged him for a break so she could catch her berth. He told her he was just getting started. He spared her legs as he stroked his ****
He poisoned him self at the entrance , as his **** touched her ***** she felt a rush, he pushed and gave her all he had in one fierce stroke she gasped and begged for more. He began a fast pace and never let up. She had another ******. She soon lost count how many she had total.  She was having the time of her life.  He was really working her and she told him she wanted to feel him ***.  He kept the pace up before finally releasing all he had into her!


Chrissy couldn’t believe how much *** he filled her with as she felt it spilling out of her.  They got cleaned up and dressed and left after saying he could not believe what just happened and he would order the required part and schedule another appointment he would look VERY forward too!

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<p>Well I am also a very good looking woman and I have never taught that some thing like that would be fun...I am also an exotic dancer...and still...I beleive that people wanting to try someone else is just out of satisfaction with their own partner or just not a good partner at all...If both of you think alike then you are ok...But as for someone like me...My man only....I can't even have no one else touch me...Especially not saliva...And the juice inside ...Come on what if he had something...You guys live for sex and many other does too these day...People forgot how to work their relationship to keep it passionnate and fun together...And sex has become dirty and slutty...But anyone that is capable of true love would agree with me...Also any man that like sharing his wife do not really love her...He does not really respect her either...She is his amusement...And she only does it to get attention...Beleive me I worked with many woman...:-)) Good luck in your future</p>

Hot story, thanks for sharing

wow, always dreamed about that as I jerk off.

Fun story of a very hot and sexy wife. Love the profile photo - she looks to be a real flirty girl who lets some have more than they ever dreamed. Would be great to see her other photos.

That never happens. I worked in home improvement and I did see a woman in a shower that was no accident, but what can you do? If I approach the woman I'm a creep, if I don't I might have missed out. In the 7 years I worked inside homes, women flirted but it was never like this story. Straight out of Penthouse forums. It would have been nice though.

hot story, would like my wife to do the same

Is this a true story? Any worries that this guy now knows where you live?

that is hot, lucky repair man, call me i fix stuff!!!!!

A different rep returned :(

Thats it I'm becoming a repair man!!! thank you for sharing your story. that would be something so great to experience.